Extreme Wars is a free browser-based multiplayer war simulation - a battlefield in your browser.

In Extreme Wars, you immerse yourself in the life of a soldier and commander deployed to Germany. Set in a world where WWII never ended, the conflict between Axis and Allied forces continues to this day.

Because J.R. Oppenheimer was assassinated before the Manhattan Project could be completed, the atomic bomb remained out of reach. As such, the fate of combat still depends entirely on close quarters combat and military strategy.

Our job is to get you to the action, and the rest is up to you.The gun is in your hands and the choice is yours, soldier.

Extreme Wars lets you:

  • join a growing community of players fighting the good (or bad) fight.
  • level up your firepower and dominate the battlefield.
  • plan and execute special ops and missions.
  • build and customize your base.
  • experiment with new weapons and attack strategies.
  • head to the black market and buy the latest and greatest. 

Join Extreme Wars today and enjoy your head start on the competition.
Your country is counting on you.